Sunday, September 23, 2012

Lovely Traditional Packaging of Chop Tai Chong Kok Mooncakes!

Tai Chong Kok was established in Singapore’s Chinatown more than 75 years ago, when Tham Kai Chee, a Chinese entrepreneur from Guangzhou, started the bakery in 1935. Now run by the third generation of the Tham family, Tai Chong Kok has etched its name in Singapore's food heritage by ensuring the preservation of original flavours of our confectionery. Adhering strictly to our philosophy of producing hand-made mooncakes and Lunar New Year cakes (nian gao), Tai Chong Kok still bakes fresh batches each day to ensure quality and consistency just as they have in the past. Employing age-old methods and recipes handed down for generations, each Tai Chong Kok confection represents more than three-quarters of a century’s worth of practiced perfection.

I love their traditional packaging! It beats those fanciful 5-stars hotels' mooncakes packaging! 传统的包装

Back to the olden days .....

Traditional packaging of olden days ....传统的包装

Chinese tea and Tai Chong Kok Mooncakes on Mooncake festival!

Their namecard...

Red / Green Bean Mooncakes 

红豆沙月饼 / 绿豆沙月饼....Delectable

White Snowskin Mooncakes 


Retail Stores -

34 Sago Street
Singapore 059026

Takashimaya B2 Food Hall
Singapore 238872

Blk 302 Ubi Ave 1
Singapore 400302

Enjoy your Mooncakes, and please take a look at the beautiful paintings below! ^o^

Below are some Paintings By Falun Gong Practitioners 法轮功学员的绘画....

Do you know the Truth About Falun Gong? -

Falun Dafa is Good!
Falun Gong teaches Truthfulness, Compassion, Tolerance! And it is embraced in 114 nations! Pls do not believe the Chinese Communist Party's lies. 


Saturday, September 22, 2012

Best Mooncakes in Singapore

Asia Tatler susses out the mooncake offerings this year to bring you the best and most unique of the crop