Sunday, October 7, 2012

Pandas Sent to Singapore in Another Move of Panda Diplomacy


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Since the 1950 China has been sending pandas abroad to strengthen diplomatic ties. Pandas are a signature of central China’s Yangtze basin area and a hallmark of cuteness. Their teddy bear like features make them a popular attraction for tourists and an ideal diplomatic gift. Sadly there are very few left in the wild. 

Two Chinese pandas are getting a checkup today in preparation their trip to Singapore. The pandas both weighed 245 lbs and passed the health inspection with flying colors. 

They are being leased to the island nation in what is called a gesture of "panda diplomacy." Wujie, who will go by the name of Kai Kai in Singapore, is a 5 year-old male. Hubao is a 4 year old female and will go by the name Jia Jia when she gets to her new home. The pair are being leased to Singapore’s River Safari Reserve on a ten year loan. 

Pandas in the wild live about 18-25 years, and usually less in captivity. Both pandas will be in their mid teens by the time they return. 

The majority of panda habitat has been lost in China’s development and increasingly more are being born into captivity. Female bears ovulate only once a year, making breeding difficult in or out of captivity.  

Pandas numbers have dwindled in recent years to less than two-thousand throughout the world, and are officially on the list of endangered species.

And as for these two bears, they will leave for their new tropical island home on September 6th. 

Lastly, watch a short Taiwan film about a horrible crime hidden behind China's Wall...

Taiwan Film - Declaration of Geneva 

On 4th August, 2012,
For the first time, 
The Chinese Government for the first time publicly acknowledged
the existence of a "living organ transplant" market.
Illegal detention, harvesting, and sale of organs,
has resulted in an untold number of homeless and orphaned children.
Yet even to this very day the practice continues to be practiced within China.