Monday, November 12, 2012

Looking for the Best-Tasting Candy in Singapore? Softie in My Lolly - Pleasure comes in many flavours!

Softie in My Lolly - Pleasure comes in many flavours!

 Singapore’s ONE AND ONLY independent company that sells a mouth-watering variety of long liquorice candies and traditional malted milk balls! We dare say that they are among the BEST-TASTING confectionery you can find on this island!

What make their candies special? They have a delicious fondant filling that makes them soft, chewy and oozing with goodness at the same time. And the wide variety of flavors makes everyone spoilt for choice, as they come in sweet or sour or traditional liquorice coating.


One 'Long' candy!

Which one is nice...hmm....?

$4.90 for 1 tube of candies (5 flavours), $5.90 for 1 tube of malted milk balls (3 flavours)

The colourful candies. Soft and chewing!

Traditional malted milk balls - Crunchy and creamy, layer after layer!

All come in three delicious layers: (1) crunchy malt centre, (2) dark chocolate – middle layer (3) creamy outermost layer

Colorful and good looking malted milk balls!

Spoilt for choices!

The orange ones are mango flavour. Tasted crunchy and creamy!

Mint Cookie

The best of Oreo and MintIce Cream Sundae

Locate  'Softie in My Lolly' below!

VivoCity Level 2, outside Golden Village Cinema:         
Open daily from 12pm to 10 pm
Orchard Cineleisure, Level 1:       
Open daily from 12.30pm to 10.30pm     

After eating mouth-watering candies and malted milk balls, Enjoy watching this TOUCHING cartoon! Happy viewing.... ^o^