Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Teen displayed sweet brotherly love by dressing up as Prince Charming for his little sister!

This 13-year-old boy dressed up as Prince Charming for her 5-year-old sister in a fun-loving photo shoot. Sibling love is absolutely beautiful!
Photographer Christina Angel’s 13-year-old son, Anthony Angel is struggling with depression, but that didn’t put him son off in surprising her 5-year-old sister, Anabel Angel (nicknamed Belle after the Disney princess) in a memorable birthday photo shoot that will last for a last time.

Anthony and Anabel Angel (nicknamed Belle) are best friends and have an incredible sibling bond out of the seven children Christina has©Facebook | Kirsten Schwiesow

Bella’s bright and joyful character lights up Anthony during his dark days. She is a “little ray of sunshine” for Anthony. And they often watch movie and go skateboarding together. The brother even tucks his sister to bed at night!
“They have a little ritual to ward off her bad dreams at bedtime, where he pretends to sprinkle “magic salt” on her head to protect her from nightmares,” wrote Christina on BoredPanda.
The idea of the magical Disney photo shoot was contrived when Christina, a Disneyphine, was looking for a princess gown online, to motivate herself to lose weight after the birth of her 7th child.

Anthony wanted to realize her sister’s dream to be a princess as a special gift for her birthday

Anthony was helping her to shop for a perfect gown when an idea popped up. He would get a Prince Charming costume and dress up for Belle in a photo shoot. It is every little girl’s dream to be a real-life princess, he wanted to realize her sister’s dream to be a princess as a special gift for her birthday
Christina, owner of and photographer at Paint the Sky Photography, supported his decision, and couldn’t be more pleased that Anthony was going out the extra mile to put a smile on her sister’s face!
“We set to work putting together the Prince Charming costume right down to the white gloves and the black shoes that he shined himself the old fashioned way, with solid polish and an old rag,” she wrote.

Her little sister Belle was over the moon©Caters News Agency

“I can’t explain the joy on her face when her “favorite boy in the world” came into the room just before the photo shoot dressed as a prince, and gave her a brand new gown,” she revealed.
Bella owns quite a few princess dresses, but she didn’t have a Snow White gown, so, they got her that.
“She put her hands up by her mouth and squealed. Then we dressed her quickly and told her we were going to take pictures of her as a real-life princess,” she recounted.
They drove to a garden to take the enchanting fairy-tale pictures. Belle couldn’t contain her happiness and was smiling throughout the photo shoot.
“You can see in the pictures all over her face she’s got that kind of excited smile in all of them,” said Christina.

Christina Angel, their mother, and photographer of this photo shoot said: “The photo shoot was probably the most heartwarming thing I’ve experienced as a mother”©Caters News Agency

Christina has taken many fairy-tale shoots in her job, but this shoot was particularly special as her subjects were her two lovely kids!
The sweet Anthony gently carried Bella from one spot to another for each shoot, careful not to trip on her dress.
Their sibling love shone through in the photo shoot. He knelt down and looked up at his sister, while she stood on a balcony. In another photo, he was spinning her round while she laughed happily. And in another heartwarming shoot, Bella gave him a peck on his cheek.
“When you have a child who battles with themselves day after day, there is nothing you wouldn’t pay to see them smile. Belle brings that out in him. He gave her an incredible gift and in return she made him genuinely happy,” wrote Christina, who finished the photo shoot with pride and tears.

Bella gave him a peck on his cheek—these would be memorable moments in their life!©Caters News Agency

She was also proud with Anthony, who could walk out of his depression and displayed his awesome brotherly love for his little sister.
And the results of this unforgettable photo shoot, captured in a dreamy, magical garden setting are totally sweet and beautiful. These would be memorable moments in their life!

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