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MUSIC: Remembering Wong Ka Kui, Japanese students singing “Under a Vast Sky” 怀念黄家驹 日本学生日文演唱《海阔天空》

WATCH Remembering Wong Ka Kui, Japanese students singing “Under a Vast Sky” 怀念黄家驹 日本学生日文演唱《海阔天空》

“Under a Vast Sky” (海阔天空) was a 1993 hit by Hong Kong band—Beyond.
The song was composed by the band’s lead vocalist and guitarist, Wong Ka Kui. He expressed his disappointment with Hong Kong’s music industry in the 1990s, through “Under a Vast Sky”.

Wong Ka Kui 黄家驹 (1962 – 1993)

Sadly, the talented Wong Ka Kui died at the age of 31 on 30 June 1993, after a tragic accident. On 24 June 1993, he fell accidentally off a three-meter stage during the rehearsal of a game show for Fuji Television in Tokyo, Japan.
“Under a Vast Sky”—Here’s part of the lyrics:
“Forgive me for embracing freedom in my life
But also fear of falling down some day
To give up one’s hope, it isn’t for hard for anyone
It would be fine if there’s only you and me”
In 2014, “Under a Vast Sky” has become the unofficial anthem during Hong Kong’s umbrella movement, as the protesters could relate to the song’s quest for freedom in the lyrics.
“We were all in awe of [the late] Wong Ka-kui’s immense talents. Full of energy and creativity, he was the soul of the band,” said Beyond’s ex-member (1986-1988), Lau Chi Yuen told the South China Morning Post.
今年的6月30日, 是香港Beyond乐队主唱黄家驹逝世24周年纪念日。为了纪念黄家驹,日本圣德学园的学生用日文深情演唱了黄家驹担任主唱的最后一首歌曲,Beyond的代表作之一 ──《海阔天空》。

WATCH Wong Ka Kui performed “Under a Vast Sky” for the last time in 1993 (1993年,黄家驹最后一次演唱《海阔天空》 )


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