Saturday, March 9, 2013

Korean stars at Sheng Siong Show (UKiss, Kibum, SE7EN, Alexander, Kim Jong Kook) Singapore

100620 UKISS @ Singapore Sheng Siong Show 

110521 Kibum @ Singapore Sheng Siong Show

UKiss Alexander @ Sheng Siong Show 


110220 SE7EN - Talk @ The Sheng Siong Show

110220 SE7EN - Digital Bounce @ The Sheng Siong Show

130223 The Sheng Siong Show - 

Kim Jong Kook Teaser

130223 The Sheng Siong Show - 

Kim Jong Kook Backstage

[HD] Running Man Kim Jong Kook on 

Singapore Sheng Siong show

After watching the singing of these charming K-pop stars, watch the video below about China's Untold Stories...


[Prof. Jacob Lavee, Former President of Israel's Transplantation Society]:

“My personal motivation going into all this issue was the fact that I am the son of a father who was a refugee from a Nazi concentration camp and I told myself that we cannot repeat the same story that went on during the second world war, during the holocaust, where the entire world knew about the holocaust of the Jewish people and did nothing.

Here we are knowing about the genocide of people within China, about the crime against humanity, that is taking place in China, and I needed, personally needed to do something about it.”

Visit this blog to understand more about this brutal persecution in China -