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宋承宪 Song Seung Heon "Dr Jin" Singapore Promo Tour 2013



Song Seung Heon Dr Jin Press conference 1 March 2013

Text: Joanna Goh
Photos: Lee Wei Lin
Video: Fiona Lin

Song Seung Heon at his Dr. Jin press conference in Singapore
Thoughtful and sincere in conversation, Korean actor Song Seung Heon is what we'd call a man with a good head on his shoulders. 

Despite being one of the hottest Hallyu commodities around, Seung Heon does not try hard to upkeep with the image of a pristine and perfect man coiffed for Hallyu icons.

 He acknowledges his flaws and knows his shortcomings, and that, perhaps, is the reason why he feels more endearing in person than on TV.

While most actors, singers and idols strive to become multi-hyphenates and excel in all aspects of showbiz today, Seung Heon's steering clear of the singer route.

"Many have suggested this [doing a music album after singing for Dr. Jin] to me - but I don't sing well," he wryly mused. "This was all made possible with the advanced technology which helped with the audio sound (chuckles). I'm not very confident with my vocals."

Indeed. More popularly known for his melodramatic roles than for his voice, the 36-year-old catapulted to instant - and global - fame with the tearjerker seriesAutumn in My Heart. The woeful and self-sacrificial role left such an indelible impression in viewers' hearts that he has been affixed with the Mr. Nice Guy label ever since.

Professing his desire to play "killer and psycho" roles in future at the press conference for Dr. Jin, Seung Heon's attempts to flesh out his different sides on screen can be seen with his recent projects: 2011's rom-com vehicle, My Princess and a time-travelling gig in 2012's period drama, Dr. Jin.
Song Seung Heon at his Dr. Jin press conference in Singapore

When we raised the possibility of traveling back in time to return to his 21-year-old self, Seung Heon shared that he would like to "fully experience student life" again. "I didn't get a chance to try out activities like going on group dates or playing with my friends due to my early start in acting during University."

Though he laments at the lack of such memories and sometimes fantasises about pursuing a professional career in sports - soccer and golf, he says - Seung Heon will never trade his acting job for anything else in the world.

'Forward thinker' is how this 36-year-old prefers to describe himself, during our interview at ME@OUE, a new posh eatery in town. 'I'm not one who regrets and I'm satisfied with my achievements right now. While Dr. Jin is a time-travelling vehicle that tends to trigger a lot of what-if questions if we return into time, I'm a sort of person who prefers to look towards the future instead.'

Citing melodrama as his preferred drama genre, Seung Heon's latest venture When a Man Loves co-starring up-and-coming actress Shin Se Kyung, Yeon Woo Jin and Chae Jung An will put him back in his comfort zone.
Song Seung Heon at his Dr. Jin press conference in Singapore

With his well-maintained dreamboat good looks, Seung Heon has been romancing younger actresses on TV these days: Park Min Young (27 years old) in Dr. Jin and Se Kyung (23 years old) in When a Man Loves. The actor concedes to feeling the heat and need to maintain his body and looks in order to match up to these younger starlets but reasons that it's a 'good form of pressure' for him.

So do any of his co-actresses fit the bill of his ideal partner?

'If I really had to choose it'd be Song Hye Gyo and Kim Tae Hee, but I don't have any special feelings towards them,' shared the currently-single bachelor who also called 'inner beauty' the most important criteria on his list.

'There's no particular type of girl that catches my attention. I may have focused more on looks when I was under 30 but now the focus is on inner beauty,' he shared. 'My seniors and friends have also agreed with me and told me that it's most important to find someone who can really click with me.'

WATCH: Song Seung Heon dishes on his ideal girlfriend!

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