Friday, June 2, 2017

Sprightly 78-year-old granny eats sand every day for good health—it’s simply unbelievable!

You will be stunned by this granny’s peculiar eating habit! She eats sand every day to stay healthy and strong. Well, if eating sand could keep you healthy, would you like to try that out?
 78-year-old granny, Kusma Vati, has an unusual diet that will leave many people bewildered.
The farm laborer has been eating sand for the past 63 years and even claims that sand is her secret to good health!
“I am healthy and fit all thanks to sand which is or rather was the secret to my well-being,” said Kusma.

78-year-old Kusma Vati eats sand every day

Before consuming her favorite food, Kusma has to rinse the sand in water. After leaving it to dry under the sun, and filtering it with a strainer, she would devour the “sweet” sand. Kusma thinks that the sand tastes as sweet as sugar!
Her first taste of sand was when she was 15. Then, she ate sand to relieve her bloating. Though it did give her a bad stomach ache later, but it didn’t last long.
She did once put a halt to her sand diet for a few days after her wedding, out of embarrassment. But, she had a stomach ache after stopping her strange diet. Hence, her in-laws continued to give her sand to cure her pain.

She has never seen a doctor, and even claims that her sand diet is her secret to good health

She thinks that the sand tastes as sweet as sugar

Thereafter, eating sand becomes a daily routine, which she couldn’t skip. She eats it for her breakfast, lunch, dinner and even supper.
Her peculiar taste has even turned into an addiction.
In the days when she couldn’t find any sand, she would even peck at the walls of her house.

Her peculiar taste has even turned into an addiction—she would suffer from stomach ache and sleepiness if she stops eating sand

She has never seen a doctor and attributes her sprightliness to her daily consumption of 2 kg sand.
“I have never seen a doctor because there has just been no need, for as long as I can remember I’ve felt perfectly fine,” she said.
Her ultrasound reports revealed she was healthy and as strong as an ox.
“I have been eating sand and gravel for around 63 years now, I love eating them and I don’t think they have any harmful effects,” she opined.

She also claims that her teeth are so strong that she could bite the hardest stone at great ease!

“I haven’t suffered any problems in my stomach and mouth and my teeth are absolutely fine- if anything it’s made them tougher.”
She has no plan to retire working in the crop fields. She feels it is the minerals in the sand that give her the energy to labor in her farm lands.
Though she is wholly proud of her eating habit, her grandchildren aren’t that supportive. They strongly persuade her to quit this weird eating habit.

Her grandchildren aren’t that supportive of her peculiar eating habit

“My grandchildren insist I get medical help to get rid of this addiction but I see no need for it,” she said.
“This is a psychiatric disorder,” said Dr. DN Pande, head of the anesthesia department, BHU Varanasi in India.
Other than eating sand, Kusma gets her healthy dose of nutrients from dals, vegetables, chapati, rice, tea, banana and apple.


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