Saturday, July 7, 2012

Ananda Bhavan - Indian Vegetarian food

Ananda Bhavan RestaurantAnanda Bhavan  - Satisfy your cravings for Indian food with a variety of South & North Indian vegetarian food items from appam to thosai, and prata. 

I ordered the South Indian Vegetarian Set. This was perhaps my 1st time eating Indian meal.

Why are there so many plates of sauces? Are they curries?

This looks like doughnut, the white yogurt is for digging the doughnut, I think so,

This tea costs $1.50!

The white dish is a dessert. Sweet and tasted like Chendol!

A close up of the curries...pour the curries onto your rice, and eat them together!

This south indian vegetarian set costs $7.50!
And there are 10% service charge too!

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