Saturday, July 21, 2012

DONQ - a 106 yrs old Japanese-French Bakery opening at Takashimaya

Established for a remarkable period of 106 years, Donq is a popular bakery chain in Japan whereby it has 180 outlets. With branches in Taiwan, Hong Kong and China (run by franchises), the newly set- up bakery located at Takashimaya Food Hall has been drawing sizeable crowds and many locals have been snapping up its crusty baguettes and savoury buns, all of which are renowned for their light and airy dough.

Bread draws the crowds...

DONQ draws my attention too...

DONQ at Takashimaya

This bread draws my attention - it is called Macha Dainagon Roll! 抹茶大納言紅豆瑞士捲
Green Tea Bread With Red Bean and Sesame Seeds.

DONQ breads are pretty and elegant, but they are expensive. Each bread usually costs more than $2.

You can see the bakers at work. ^o^

Macha Dainagon Roll! 抹茶大納言紅豆瑞士捲 (Green Tea Bread With Red Bean and Sesame Seeds)
1 roll (5 pieces of bread) costs $5! That is expensive!
 Tart Bresson Fruit -  is a soft buns tart mixed with berries and custard toppings ($2.80)

I bought these despite the price.

It seemed that they have good business!
The receipt...

DONQ's plastic bag has a paris design on it. Paris Map! 
DONQ seems to be half Japanese, half French... 
A close-up look again

The berries look really big and fresh! This tart tastes like berries with egg custard. Quite nice, although I do not really like custard.

I love the red beans! I cannot taste the Matcha (Green tea) though.

BON APPETIT , make your way to DONQ at Takashimaya one day for a Japanese-French sensation!


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