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How to stuff 5 Singapore must-eats and a few drinks into one day

For Singapore foodies: The perfect day out

CNNGo reader Calvin Lee shows us how to stuff 5 Singapore must-eats and a few drinks into one day

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One bite at a time, one big pau for mankind.
Most of us who travel in the name of business will try to make a stop in Singapore even if our event or meeting is not held there. We just want to enjoy the difference that is Changi and to have that one perfect day to eat and shop in this vibrant 'little red dot.'

From St Regis to Balestier Road

St Regis Singapore is where you should stay (an investment of S$300 for one night of pure luxury and heightened comfort). Skip the breakfast though and head straight to Balestier Road for some tau-fu-fa (soybean curd), yao-char-kuay (Chinese crullers) and soya milk. Perhaps you’ve been dipping your crullers in congee or black coffee all along but today, let’s follow the style in northern China and dip it in hot soya milk, or cold if you desire. Google ‘Rochor Beancurd’ and see why everyone says that no one does it like them in Singapore. There’s a full story on how they started and came this far, right next to the wall-to-wall of celebrity photos -- a real testament to this humble place.
St Regis Singapore: 29 Tanglin Road, tel:+65 6506 6888,

prawn noodle
Singapore prawn noodle -- just one of the delicacies on offer.
Old Chang Kee puffs

Now, if you need a bit more carbo to turbo-start your day, worry not. Just cross the road and there’s a bus stop. Bus 131 will take you to Novena, the nearest MRT station. You won’t miss the Old Chang Kee stall when you alight. Get one or two of the famous curry puffs (S$1.20 each). This is the quintessential Singapore snack that you must try. Besides curry, they have chicken mushroom and sardine too! Once you’ve chowed down your puffs, it is just about right to accelerate head-on to Orchard for shopping. Catch the North-South Line towards Marina Bay and alight at Orchard station. ION shopping mall is the newest mall yet, housing designer brand names both local and global. One good local store to check out for amazing shoes is Pedro.
Old Chang Kee: Various locations, tel: +65 6756 4833,

Chicken rice at Tanjong Pagar

As the clock strikes 12 noon, it is time for lunch. Proceed to Tanjung Pagar for the most talked about Tian Tian Hainanese Chicken Rice. It is not in a swanky air-conditioned restaurant but Anthony Bourdain (the famous chef) has eaten here and gave it two thumbs up, so it can’t go wrong, really. What could go wrong is the long queue, a mix of locals and tourists lining up for succulent rice and the amazingly tasty chicken to go with it. 
From here, let’s head off to Sentosa and play some poker in the newest casino in town. Using the MRT, go from Tanjung Pagar station to Outram Park interchange. Connect to the North East line and HarbourFront terminal is only 1 station away. You can then catch the monorail over to Sentosa Island.
Tian Tian Hainanese Chicken Rice: Stall 10, Maxwell Food Centre, 1 Kadayanallur Street

Singapore prawn noodles

On the way back, don forget to eat a plate of Singapore prawn noodles at the Chinese looking food court one floor down from the monorail terminal. There’s dim sum and a fleet of other delicious Singaporean cuisines to keep you busy if you want more. As the sun is setting and the day comes to a close, Chinese Garden is a place to go -- basking in tranquility and away from the hustle and bustle of office clock out rush hour. Sit on a bench and just marvel at what you’ve eaten so far (or perhaps count the cash you’ve won from the poker game earlier). To get here, alight at the Chinese Garden MRT (Green line).
Chinese Garden: 1 Chinese Garden Road, tel: +65 6261 3632,

Nasi India dinner

Now for dinner. If you fancy Indian biriani rice with mutton curry, head over to the Yishun food court (alight at the Yishun MRT station, Red line). Again, great food in Singapore comes hand in hand with long queues. You can be assured of one here, but the satisfaction at the end of the meal justifies the long wait for it!
Yishun Food Court: Northpoint Shopping Centre, 930 Yishun Avenue 2

Eski bar, Singapore
The arctic chill-out at Eski Bar
Eski Bar

Finally, cocktail hour presents itself. Time to head off to the Eski Bar where chilling out is easier than you think. This place is awesome as it transports you to the cold arctic, with temperatures ranging between minus five to zero degrees. Housed in an industrial freezer, you can be certain that the next time you wanna chill out when in Singapore, you will bring along your jacket (though they have jackets and sweaters available for you here). Eski Bar is located at 46 Circular Road, behind Boat Quay. If you’re using the MRT, alight at Raffles Place. Hear Hear, one more vodka cocktail coming up... let’s drink to a perfect day out in Singapore!
Eski Bar: 46 Circular Road (Behind Boat Quay), tel: +65 6536 3757; 46 Lorong Mambong (Holland Village), tel: +65 6469 6180;
About the author: Calvin Lee is a consulting linguist and a copywriter who alternates between Dubai, London, Rome, Athens and Bangkok. Out from the linguistic realm, Calvin reviews restaurants and spas in Thailand for several publications regionally. And when his imaginative mind takes over, Calvin will be weaving the chapters in his first attempt to complete a novel.

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