Saturday, July 7, 2012

Malay Food - Rex Satay at Changi Airport T2 Staff Canteen

Rex Satay at Terminal 2 Changi Airport Staff Canteen
This stall is featured on Channal 5 'Makan Places - Lost and Found'.

The many varieties of malay snacks... 

The chicken are for Nasi Ayam Penyet

Sardines or hot-dog  wrapped with bread and deep-fried.

Can you see the Sardine?

This is the one wrapped with hot dog!

Goreng Pisang - Fried Banana

Can you see the banana?

Here is the dish - Nasi Ayam Penyet   (Smashed Fried Chicken Rice) 

crispiness of the deep-fried chicken

The rice and the prawn crackers

Dig your crispy chicken into the balacan-chilli... Yummy!
Brought Nasi Lemak from Rex Satay Stall

This Nasi Lemak is actually sold for Breakfast. But I ate it for lunch instead. Just an egg and ikan bilis. (anchovies), but the rice smelled of COCONUT!

Mee Rebus cooked by Malay is still the BEST!


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