Saturday, August 11, 2012

Encounter at Cameron Highlands, Malaysia 马来西亚的金马仑高原

I found these photo in my sister's photo album. Trip to Cameron Highland, Malaysia in the late 90s.

Cute children playing ....
Patches of green tea plantation on Cameron Highlands...

There are goats on Cameron Highlands too!

Butterfly attracted to Beautiful Flower...
The butterfly has large wings!

Red rose, Pink roses...which one do you like?
A quiet morning...

What is that? They were practicing Falun Gong! Never expect I have came across Falun Gong much earlier than I knew......just that I don't know....他们在炼法轮功!
Falun Dafa is Good! 法轮大法好!

Shop houses in a quiet town....

S K Convent. It looked lonely beside the pine tree!

Stories of Falun Gong Practitioners