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New Body Worlds exhibition opens at Singapore Science Centre. Whose Bodies Are in the 'Bodies' Exhibit?

Ever wonder where they got these dead bodies in the Body Worlds/ Body Works exhibition?

Find out whose? Scroll down below to watch the Video! A terrifying TRUTH....

New Body Worlds exhibition opens at Singapore Science Centre (2009)
By Claire Huang, Channel NewsAsia

SINGAPORE: The controversial anatomical exhibition known as "Body Worlds: The Original and The Cycle of Life" is in town, and this is the first time the exhibition will be shown in Asia under this theme. 

The exhibition uses plastinated corpses for its displays, and the human bodies seem to come 'alive' as they engage in activities such as playing basketball and painting – a realism that organisers of the exhibition hope to achieve.

Dr Angelina Whalley, director of the Institute for Plastination, said: "Most of our visitors have never been confronted with a corpse so we want to appeal (to) them. We want to catch their interest and that's absolutely mandatory to have specimens put in a very aesthetical and beautiful-looking way." 

Body Worlds is the brainchild of Dr Gunther von Hagens, creator of plastination - a process to preserve human bodies for medical studies.

While the exhibition has attracted some 28 million visitors in 50 cities, some religious groups have questioned the need to use real human bodies. However, organisers say it is purely for scientific study. 

Dr Chew Tuan Chiong, chief executive of Science Centre Singapore, said: "I think the exhibition is really going to be a journey of discovery for many people, whatever their initial beliefs and perceptions are. 

"So we think besides being very educational about human body and anatomy, it's also going to allow people to understand fully what they're concerned about, worry about death, worry about diseases, or even worry about things like superstitions and culture and so on." 

Compared to the first such exhibition here six years ago, organisers say the 200 new displays this time round are more varied and developed.

All exhibits come from the Institute for Plastination's body donation programme, which comprises a donor roster of more than 10,500 living and dead donors worldwide. Organisers say donors have to give their consent before their bodies are used.

Singapore is the second site for this exhibition after its world premiere in London.

The exhibition opens until March 6 next year, and organisers hope to attract some 200,000 visitors. Ticket prices range from S$12 to S$21. 

The previous Body Worlds exhibition in Singapore attracted some 160,000 visitors.

- CNA/yb

Whose Bodies Are in the 'Bodies' Exhibit?

Disgraced CCP Official Bo Xilai's wife,

Gu Kailai Suspected of Selling Bodies of murdered Falun Gong practitioners



NTD is following the story of Gu Kailai, who will stand trial on August 9 in Anhui Province. While media outside of China mainly report that she has been involved in the killing of British businessman Neil Heywood, reliable but undisclosed sources say that Gu Kailai is believed to have illegally sold the remains of Falun Gong practitioners for plastination. It is believed that they were then made into human specimens for display to the public around the world.
Reliable sources told NTD that Gu Kailai is believed to run a company that provides bodies for plastination.
Plastination is a process developed by Gunther Hagens, an anatomist and German businessman who invested $15 million to setup two body plasticizing plants when Gu Kailai”s husband Bo Xilai worked as Mayor in Dalian. 
In 2002, Hagens began holding exhibitions around the world called Body Worlds. These were public exhibitions of human specimens from China. Hagens and the exhibit have received a lot of criticism and questions from around the world. But the main question is where did he get all those bodies?
Hagens was reported to have proudly told Chinese and foreign reporters why he chose Dalian. He said it was because of government support providing him preferential policies, an excellent labor force, as well as a rich source of bodies. 
Investigations by human rights organizations reveal 3,582 named Falun Gong practitioners have been tortured to death. Erping Zhang a Falun Gong spokesperson told reporters that many practitioners arrested when making appeals would not release their names or addresses. They hoped to prevent their families or work units from getting involved. Many simply went missing from that point on.
[Falun Gong Spokesman Erping Zhang]: 
“In 1999, after the CCP started to suppress Falun Gong, a large number of Falun Gong practitioners went to Beijing to appeal. The CCP do not conduct themselves according to Chinese law or legal procedure. Rather, they murder and harvest organs from living people. There is no record and no legal execution.”
“Oriental Outlook” an official weekly magazine in China published in-depth report on the body plants as early as November 2003. It said the body plants “not only had a rich source of raw materials, but that 100 human body specimens, immersed in formalin solution, could easily enter and leave the border many times.”
It said that from 2003 to 2005, Dalian human body plant exported 13 batches of human specimens all over the world. The Quality Inspection Office established by the State Council had once gone to Dalian to investigate. But it obtained no results because Bo Xilai and his superior on the Politburo Standing Committee Zhou Yongkang hid the truth.
[Falun Gong Spokesman Erping Zhang]: 
“With deeper investigation, they found the CCP sold murdered Falun Gong practitioners to the black market, making them into specimens. We hope that people with conscience in the Chinese government will investigate this matter. The Chinese people should also stand up and ask about this, because it challenges the bottom line of humanity.”
Erping Zhang said that Gu Kailai and Bo Xilai colluded with Luo Gan, the former secretary of the Political and Legislative Affairs Committee. They used loopholes in Article 348 of the Criminal Code in the Supreme Court, so that many families of Falun Gong practitioners could not collect their bodies, after they were tortured to death.
Speaking yesterday Prof Von Hagens, who earned the tabloid soubriquet Dr Frankenstein after performing a live televised autopsy on a German alcoholic in 2002, said: "I have told my Chinese employees that they can't accept bodies that were executed."

He added: "I can't prove the bodies weren't executed, but I believe they weren't." He said he received his bodies from Chinese officials but could not be sure of their origins.

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