Sunday, August 5, 2012

A Taste of German Cakes - Juchheim at Takashimaya, Singapore

Juchheim’s origins date back to the year 1909 when it was first established by the German couple Karl and Elise Juchheim.

The recipes, techniques and words left by the Juchheims have been faithfully passed down to this day and are treasured by the entire Juchheim company and the confectioners working at Juchheim. This heritage is the key to producing delicious cakes and sweets.

Words Left by Our Founders

カール・ユーハイム エリーゼ・ユーハイム
  • Pure, genuine ingredients are the key to good taste.
    Exquisiter Geschmark durch feinste Zutaten
  • Mother’s homemade flavors are the flavors of nature.
    Naturicher Geschmark wie bei Muttern


The origins of baumkuchen, a traditional German cake, can be traced back into the distant past. A confectioner cannot earn the title of Meister (pastry chef) before completely mastering all the processes involved in the production of baumkuchen, from preparing the batter to baking it into a beautiful and delicious baumkuchen.

( Baumkuchen is a layered cake, it seems similar to Singapore's Kuah Lapis)

 Baumkuchen - traditional German cake

She is making Baumkuchen!

Teegeback - German biscuits....looks good!

Singapore Version of  Baumkuchen! Souvenir to take away from Singapore!

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