Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Korean Pop Star - Lee Seung-gi, Meets Fans in Singapore

Korean heart throb Lee Seung-gi met with screaming fans in Singapore on Saturday (August 25).

It was the first time the multi-talented Korean star has held an official event with his fans in a southeast Asian country.

Prior to the intimate meeting, Lee met with the media in a shopping mall so the fans could also see their star.   
Fans were screaming, chanting and waving at Lee, hoping to get his attention.  
After his most recent drama "King 2 Hearts" ended, Lee became one of the Olympic torch bearers, running in London in June. 

[Lee Seung-gi, K-pop Idol]:
"I ran slowly because I wanted to be on TV for long, but those event personnel told me to run faster saying 'hurry up.' I wondered why they wanted me to run faster when I wanted to run longer. It turned out there was a BBC camera ahead of me, but I was filmed so small since I was too far away from the camera because I ran slowly. After all, BBC couldn't film me well and other Korean media also couldn't film me well as well. I'm sad that I don't see a tight shot of me." 

Lee, a well-known and all-round artist in South Korea, is a singer, actor, and also a host. 
In both variety shows he previously hosted, Lee worked closely with Kang Ho Dong, who was forced to take a break from the industry when he was involved in a tax-evasion scandal.

It was recently revealed that Kang could be returning as a host after being away from the limelight for almost a year.   

[Lee Seung-gi, K-Pop Idol]: 
"He's a good mentor, so I'm willing to work with him again if I have a chance. There have been many reports on his comeback, but he hasn't directly mentioned anything about it. So I'm being careful in talking about anything regarding this matter."
Despite being in the business for over eight years, Lee said he has no immediate plans to go global.

Citing Psy's latest music video "Gangnam Style" that has gone viral on social media, Lee said he'd rather spend more time communicating with his Asian fans.  

[Lee Seung-gi, K-Pop Idol]: 
"It's not like Psy has planned his global debut, but his content moved people's heart in the world and made a big hit as it so happens. I don't think the global market is something you can conquer by planning and I can't afford it for now. I rather wish to have more chances to communicate with my Asian fans, who have been supporting and loving me."
Lee is known to have a huge following of fans from across all age groups.  
Many of them adore him for his well-mannered ways around older people.  

[Elsie See, Fan from Singapore]: 
"I think he is very grounded, and he's also very unassuming. And very respectful to the seniors, I feel, it's very good. It's very unlikely for an international artist."

Another dedicated fan flew all the way from London to Seoul to meet him, before following Lee to Singapore.  

[Rachel Hur, Fan from UK]: 
"I think it's his whole clean image, yeah I think that's the main thing, the guy next door. He's just honest, good looking, and he's just multi-talented really, he can do everything. So that's the main reason why we all like him."
Lee's fan meeting was held at Singapore's Kallang Theatre. 

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