Friday, June 1, 2012

Dining in Singapore 新加坡美食 - Akashi Japanese Restaurant, VivoCity 明石日本餐厅,怡丰城

Akashi Japanese Restaurant, VivoCity


Authentic Japanese Cuisine, the Set Menu are affordable, ranging from $14 to $20. But be sure to dine in during lunch hour, the dinner sets are much expensive! Nice ambience,the waitresses are dressed in traditional Japanese Costume - Kimono. It seems like we are in Japan!
正宗的日本料理,能负担得起的套餐,从14新元不等到20新元。但是,一定要在午餐时间用餐,晚餐套的价格昂贵许多!舒适氛围,服务员都穿着日本传统服装 -和服。我们好像在日本!

Entrance at Akashi Japanese Restaurant, VivoCity 入口- 明石日本餐厅,怡丰城

Egg Sushi 寿司

Deep-fried fishes plus Rice and Watermelon! 油炸西瓜

Udon Set 乌冬面

Tempura Cold Noodle Set 天妇罗凉面
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