Sunday, June 10, 2012

Seafood Kimly - Yun Tong Coffee Express Cafe 2000 (Hougang)

Seafood Kimly - Yun Tong Coffee Express Cafe 2000

Location :Yun Tong Coffee Express 2000, 682 Hougang Avenue 4, #01-160

Having dinner somewhere in the HDB? Try Seafood Kimly at 682 Hougang.

The dishes are  affordable and delectable. This zi char stall has been interviewed and recommended by local TV food program! 

Sometimes, you need not visit the restaurant to have a good meal. You can find food treasures at your neighbourhood coffeeshop too. And the price is way cheaper than those at restaurants!

 Chicken Wings 鸡翅膀

squid and vegetables 鱿鱼和蔬菜

 Curry Fish Head 咖喱鱼头

Eggplant 茄子

Prawn and squid 虾和鱿鱼

 This is fried prawn, the taste is nice! 炸虾

 Dessert - Longan Jelly 甜品 - 龙眼果冻

  Longan, is a tropical fruit native to South and Southeast Asia

This stall is located at 682 Hougang Avenue 4, #01-160

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