Saturday, June 2, 2012

Mysterious Circles Appearing on the Photo

I captured these images while in Everland Theme Park, South Korea, 13/9/2010.

No touch-up, nothing has been done to these photo. Mysterious circles were just there on the photo.  WOW! is not that my camera’s lens is dirty. My 3 other friends used their camera to capture and these circles appeared on their photo too…

This phenomena reminds me of what I have read in 'Zhuan Falun' –

“The guiding ideology for today’s human science is confined only to this physical world in its research and development, as a subject will not be studied until it is recognized—it follows such a path. As for phenomena that are intangible and invisible in our dimension, but objectively exist and are reflected into our physical dimension as concrete manifestations, people dare not approach them, dismissing them as unknown phenomena. Opinionated people groundlessly try to reason that they are natural phenomena, while those with ulterior motives, against their own conscience, simply label all of them as superstition. Those who are indifferent simply stay away from the issue with the excuse that science is not yet advanced enough. If human beings are able to take a fresh look at themselves as well as the universe and change their rigid mentalities, humankind will make a leap forward.”

现在人类科学的指导思想对于它的发展研究,只能局限在物质世界之内,当一种事物被认识了才去研究它,走这样一条路。而在我们这个空间中摸不着看不到的,但客观上存在的,而又能反映到我们的这物质空间来的现象,实实在在的表现,却不敢去触及,视为不明现象。固执的人硬是无根据而找理由说成是自然现象,另有用意的人违心的一概扣上迷信的大帽子,少于追求的人以科学不发达而避之。如果人类能从新认识一下自己和宇宙,改变一下僵化了的观念,人类就会有一个飞跃。…” 轉 法 輪 - 李洪志