Friday, June 1, 2012

Freshness Burger in Central, Singapore! It has the Best breakfast Meal than MacDonald

Sick of MacDonald? Wanted to find another alternative?
Try Freshness Burger from Japan!


Freshness Burger outlet at Central, Singapore
This is SPAM BURGER and fries. Truthfully, I don't like the SPAM burger. It really tasted like SPAM!
The fries are huge and ORGANIC!
Teriyaki Burger tastes good, but too small to fill up my stomach...
The breakfast meal has the name Happiness in sweet. Costs around $5. Not very expensive.
I prefer Freshness Burger Breakfast than MacDonald's. The egg is cooked so nice and smooth.
Here is a close-up.
The hotcake is so nice. The skin is cooked so thin and crisp. Plus the syrup. yeah...better than MacDonald!

PLEASE WATCH - A TRUTH all Singaporean must KNOW ^o^