Sunday, June 17, 2012

Domino’s Pizza, Singapore 达美乐比萨, 新加坡

Domino's Pizza. Kovan Outlet 达美乐比萨。高文分店

The signboard 招牌

 Unbeatable Lunch Deal $5 Only! $5 - 无与伦比的午餐!

The counter where you place the order...

 "HOT & WOW" Pizzas

The dining area 用餐区

 The Menu! Chilli Chicken, The Big BBQ, Hawaiian Paradise, Very Veggie, Classic Pepperoni, Extravaganzza, Simply Cheese, Classy Chic, Meatzza... Which One do you like? 菜单!你喜欢哪一个?

Domino's Incredible Meal! $20 for 2 Person.
 Size up your lunch! Cheese up your Pizza!
 The order is here! $5 lunch deal set!  5元午餐!

The pizza's box. Quick, open and eat! 比萨的盒子。快,打开!

This is Hawaiian Paradise Pizza! Lots of pineapple, cheese and ham. 这是夏威夷披萨!

 Take a close-up look! 近距离看!

The chilli flakes! 辣椒粉!

I added the whole packet of chilli flakes onto the pizza. Oh, it seems so red and spicy!

 Here 1 slice of the pizza for you! 1片比萨为您服务!

 Have a big bit! I have put too much chilli flakes!

I love its thick and crispy crust! 外皮松脆!

 This prawn sensation pizza looks yummy! 这虾的比萨看起来好吃!

Dial 6222 6333, and they will deliver the pizza to your home! 拨打62226333,他们将发送到您家!

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