Saturday, June 2, 2012

弘益大学星期六跳蚤市场 Hongik University (Hongdae) Saturday Flea Market, Seoul


Artist at Hongik University (Hongdae) Saturday Flea Market, Seoul 弘益大学星期六跳蚤市场

With its hair-braiding stalls, tarot-card readers, handmade jewellery, hand-painted hats and T-shirts, appliqué bags, fans with a political message and soap made from rice and honey, this small Saturday market in the park outside Hongik University has a '60s Woodstock feel. Singers and pasty-faced magicians put on shows in the entertainment corner. (Review from Lonely Planet)

--- Address
Transport: Line 2 to Hongik University, Exit 6
Phone tel, info: 02 765 0501
Hours - 13:00-18:00 Saturday

Hand painted shoes
Hand painted clocks

Live band performance at Hongdae Saturday Flea Market