Friday, June 1, 2012

Dining in Singapore 新加坡美食 - Kuishin Bo: The Authentic Japanese Restaurant, Great World City, Singapore

Thinking of a buffet lunch? Try Kuishin Bo - The Authentic Japanese Restaurant, this is what the restaurant called itself. Kuishin Bo Restaurants can be found at Great World City or Suntec City, Singapore. 自助午餐尝试Kuishin Bo -正宗的日本料理!

I visited the one at Great World City.


#02-41A/42, 1 Kim Seng Promenade S(237994), Great World City

The price is around $30+ per person. Not that cheap. Be sure to have an empty stomach there, so as to feed yourself full at Kuishin Bo. 价格是每人30新元左右+。这并不是说便宜。

The varieties are wide, from sushi, tempura, soup, salmon fish to dessert! Desserts include green tea ice-cream, mochi, various types of Japanese cheesecakes and cookies! The colourful plate of dessert shown in one of the photo below does look delectable. But don't be greedy, take a few at a time, or else you will be too full like me, and ended up suffering instead. Haha!